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The Challenge:

It is estimated by Witness Breakthrough (WB) that only 1-5% of Americans who claim to be believers in Jesus Christ ever say the name of Jesus, the Name above all names, and miss opportune chances to share Christ in their everyday conversations where they "...live, move and have their being."

WB's Solution:

The ongoing goal of Witness Breakthrough (WB) is to train people to be compelled by love, not duty, to share their faith...by becoming "John 3:16 witnesses"...People who love others so much that they give them Jesus.

For the past 40+ years Ted Sprague has proclaimed the Gospel and trained believers (in person) in more than 200 cities in 44 states, speaking to groups ranging from 20 to 2,000 people in attendance. WB has also encouraged readers through weekly newsletter emails that portray actual witness encounters for the past 7 years, as well as through four books written by Ted...all dedicated to helping believers seize the daily opportunities we each have to be a part of the witness process in people's lives.

2017 Emphasis:

This coming year WB will also be focused on training at universities and seminaries and other related opportunities. Our goal is to WB train Christian teachers and students so they can then train others how to share their faith where they walk daily in America. After all, how can students be properly equipped to reach their communities if their teachers have not personally experienced the joy of making Jesus Christ known where they "...live, move and have their being"? [Acts 17:28]

Our Appeal:

WB's total focus is on America and your local community. Would you prayerfully consider helping us expand our efforts to multiply the Gospel by giving to Witness Breakthrough ministry? We definitely need your help.

Please skim through the attached WITNESS BREAKTHROUGH BACKGROUND as you prayerfully consider a donation. For the past 14 years WB, a full time 501C3 non-profit ministry, has been supported solely by gifts from individuals, churches and family foundations.

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We are "John 3:16 Witnesses":

...compelled by love, not duty, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ