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Witness Breakthrough At A Glance:

Though strong in missions, outreach events, evangelism classes and short term mission trips,

the Body of Christ is often weak in sharing their faith in daily life.

Is it any wonder our world is so dark when we who possess the

light are at best part-time in sharing the Good News?

Our Goal at WB:

      "To train others to become John 3:16 witnesses, learning to be

      compelled by love, not duty, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

      WBT Process

      How do you truly love someone? Learn about the Witness Breakthrough Process of 



      Ted Sprague's weekly insights into the daily challenges that we as Christians face every single day of our lives.

      Ted's Testimony

      Learn about Ted's passion for the Witness Breakthrough ministy and how it has impacted his life.

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