Witness Breakthrough Background & History



Our goal should be the same as God himself:
To love people so much we give them Jesus. [John 3:16]

During the past 40+ years as a Christian Evangelist I have learned:
We humble ourselves and give preference to other's thoughts
asking meaningful questions, listening intently,
and falling in love with their souls
We are then compelled by
not duty, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.



Ted's Testimony:

"I grew up in a home that has been broken four times. I never knew my real father,
and was a staunch atheist.  I graduated with a degree in Psychology. At age 23

I read a Bible that a Chaplain gave me for over two weeks. For the first time in 
my life I knew I was a sinner and needed a Savior. I claimed Jesus Christ as my 

Lord and Savior. My life was changed dramatically.

As a Christian I became very involved in an organization called CBMC (Christian
 Business Men's Committee). I eventually served on both the National and International
Boards of CBMC. My involvement in CBMC provided several role models who showed me
how to live the Christian life as a "tentmaker" in the business world. (Tentmaker:
 one is dedicated to the ministry of the Gospel, yet is employed in another job 
to provide support). I was a "tentmaker"  for 30+ years.

For the past 20 years I have been in full time ministry with Witness Breakthrough.
In total I've been privileged to speak at outreach events, preach, and train throughout
America in 44 states and 200+ cities.


A few unusual speaking venues I've spoken to: inside NORAD in Colorado Springs, 
CO, inside the Mormon Temple in Independence, MO, at Fort Stewart, GA (to all enlisted
men and women and their officers), at an international annual meeting of the Gideon's
worldwide in Washington D.C., and to the Leadership Breakfast in St. Charles (adjacent
St. Louis) on 9/11. Following my speech to 800 the 2 large monitors in the ballroom
displayed live footage of the horror taking place in New York and elsewhere. My 
predetermined speech had been changed at 2 am the night before to 'In a Snap, Your
Life Can Change'.
I gave my speech on this topic right before the 9/11 tragedy unfolded!"





* You are witness every minute of every day, so why not be a good witness?

* Be compelled by love, not duty, where you "live, move, and have your being."

* Ask meaningful questions, listen intently, fall in love with their soul, and share




Ted has spoken to groups and shared the Gospel in 200+ cities in 44 states (including
Leadership Breakfasts)



For the past 7+ years WB has "reported back"[Acts 4:13,23] actual witness experiences each week via

newsletter emails in orderto encourage fellow believers. The goal is to have believers become "John 3:16 witnesses"
for Christ, compelled by love to share Jesus where they "live, move, and have their being" [Acts 17:28].


These weekly emails encourage readers to study and apply our latest
 book individually and in small groups 
If We Are the Light, Why is America So Dark?


WB has been active in both churches and Drug & Alcohol Christ-Centered Rehab Facilities.

We have worked with over100 churches representing different backgrounds, shapes and sizes.