WB Supporters &Testimonies...


Dr. Michael Youssef- Church of the Apostles, Atlanta, GA 

"Ted lives what he preaches... An evangelist in the truest Biblical sense of the word... His passion for the lost is

motivation enough to challenge Christians to discover the only call in life 'To know Him and make Him known."


Dr. Bert Blomquist, pastor, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Largo, FL 

"...Our church couldn't get going with witnessing until Ted came into our lives...we

then followed through with 2,000 homes surrounding our church"



Pastor Bryant Wright, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, former President, Southern Baptist Convention - Marietta, GA

"...Ted's book provides great insight for the individual Christian to share

their faith with friends and family..."



Heather, weekend WB training attendee, Bangor, ME 

"WB training is not a canned approach to witnessing..."


Charlie Avila, Clovis Christian Center, Clovis, CA  

"...the best presentation at a conference on personal evangelism that I've heard in 30 years of

ministry. I am recommending the WB seminar to every pastor and ministry leader I know..."


Terry Sandidge, Toonigh Baptist Church, Lebanon, GA 

"Our people love the wristbands... they've been reporting back weekly... it's the simplest and easiest way for

believers to share their faith when God opens doors."



Roger Johnson, Regional Men's Conference Chairman, Episcopal Missionary Church

"Rave reviews for Ted's presentation style and content...his presentation was considered

most relevant one by many at the conference."