Past Speaking Events

Ministry History

For the past 15 years Ted Sprague has been in full time ministry with Witness Breakthrough.

In total Ted has been privileged to speak at outreach events, preach, and train throughout America in 44 states and 200+ cities

A few unusual speaking venues Ted has spoken to:

  • Inside NORAD in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Inside the Mormon Temple in Independence, MO
  • Fort Stewart, GA (to all enlisted men and women and their officers) 
  • An international annual meeting of the Gideon's worldwide in Washington D.C.
  • The Leadership Breakfast in St. Charles (adjacent St. Louis) on 9/11:

"Following my speech to 800 people on 9/11 the 2 large monitors in the

ballroom displayed live footage of the horror taking place in New York

and elsewhere. My predetermined speech had been changed at 2am

the night before to  "In a Snap, Your Life Can Change".

I gave my speech on this topic right before the 9/11 tragedy unfolded!"

The Leadership Breakfast in St. Charles