WB Goals:


Our goals for each individual that applies Witness Breakthrough training:



  • You are becoming increasingly aware that you are a witness every day where you”… live, move and have [your] being”  (so you might as well be a good one)
  • You are learning how to effectively dialogue with people by asking meaningful questions and listening intently to their answers
  • You are learning to get outside of self by loving others unconditionally, even if they don’t reciprocate interest in your life
  • You are learning to be content to listen to people, to fall in [agape] love with their soul, and thereby to experience the power of being compelled by love, not duty, to share the Gospel
  • You are learning to call upon the Holy Spirit for power, timing, clarity, humility and boldness to share the good news
  • You are becoming increasingly aware that that you are part of God’s team. You are part of the process. He “draws all men unto Himself” (John 12:32) You are an essential tool in the conversion process.
  • You are becoming aware of the importance of booklets like “Steps to Peace with God” that can provide clarity when witnessing to someone. This type of booklet can be discussed during your conversation or be given to someone to read privately (encouraging them to discuss it withyou at a later date)
  • You are using the WB wristband [I am a Sinner- Jesus Christ is My Savior- John 3:16] as a witnessing tool to bring clarity and focus to your  interactions with others
  • You are discovering the importance of [ongoing] “reporting back” to your church about the joys and challenges of sharing the Gospel. You are using a [20-30 mile radius] local map to mark (with colored push pins) the locations where witness interactions have taken place
  • As a result of prayer for each other, you are energized to become a more effective witness, elevated to a greater level of witness evangelism, “compelled by love” to share the Gospel in partnership with the church body
  • You are beginning to encourage other “ordinary people” (Acts 4:13) in the church to join the WB group. The body of Christ is therefore reaching in and reaching out where they “live, move and have [their] being” (Acts17:28)